Evangelism Strategies & Models


This table is pulled from The Tampa Underground Network, a movement that we at Narrative firmly believe and support.


Download the pdf file of this table here.

This is an interesting model for us as a church family and as individuals to observe. This table explains in detail all of the different ways we can be evangelizing, how we are currently evangelizing, and areas that are lacking in our approach to evangelism.

Our first instinct is to place ourselves under the “Small Group” category, because that is precisely what we are doing as a set of micro-churches. Although, it is important to note the information underneath the “Weakness” column. Is this something we feel as a church we are struggling with? This is an area that we can be praying about and thinking about. This week, we challenge you to ask the Lord where you feel Narrative is suffering as a set of evangelistic micro-churches. This model can help us recognize problems within our network so that we can ask the Lord to help us work towards improvement together.

Use this model to identify possible weaknesses in your approach and our approach to evangelism in order to improve them, as well as learn about the areas that have proven to be successful strategies for you or your house church. This is a very useful graphic to encourage different methods of evangelism inside and outside of our network of house churches.

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