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Podcast for Integrating Life & Mission

Caesar Kalinowski has a new podcast, “The Lifeschool Podcast”, that explores how scripture and faith can be integrated into our every day, and not just be limited to Sunday mornings. Kalinowski believes in living with intentionality and allowing the gospel to touch all aspects of our lives, especially within our communities. This podcast can encourage us to weave our Christian faith into every area of life without feeling weird or uncomfortable about it.

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Spiritual Practice: Centering Prayer

If you ask three people what prayer means, you’ll probably get four answers. Some may say it’s regular conversation with God; for others a spiritual emergency hotline. Many prefer practicing it in solitude while others like to be led communally through their congregation.

Centering Prayer, a contemplative approach popularized by Thomas Keating, gives us yet another facet in which to view our communion with Christ. Although Eastern Christian traditions have embraced similar styles of prayer, the West has started to incorporate this important approach into their spiritual rhythms.

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