Narrative House Churches are unique expressions of believers, birthed out of disciples made where we live, work and play. The emphasis is on people, not buildings or programs. When baptized followers of Jesus work together in sincere worship, teaching of the Word and genuine community to celebrate Communion and accomplish a part of the mission of God, they are the church. All of our house churches will look different, because the look/feel/practices will depend on the people. We are a people of principles, not methods - we search for the ways that God has ordained each of our members and house churches to put into practice in our own time and place what we feel He has revealed to us. This is the creative tension we gladly enter into. This is the faith and obedience that we desire from our people, that’s not dependent on statistical proof before we act. We don’t plant churches, we plant the gospel. Where we plant the gospel (seed), we let the culture (soil) determine the expression. This gives us freedom to pursue a simple and honest version of church to those who are culturally distant from the church.